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Now, all blockchain ideas of the world are connected globally.
Collective intelligence of ‘the 4IR’ presents a new paradigm for tech investment.
Why Blockchain?
As previously discussed, traditional evaluation systems have various limitations, and there are implicit biases like a "tilted playing field" or an "invisible glass ceiling." The IBTC project aims to provide a highly transparent platform using blockchain technology, where everyone starts from the same point and results are determined solely by technology.
  • Trust and Integrity
    By utilizing the characteristic of blockchain, a distributed ledger, data integrity is guaranteed. It records the activities of members and evaluations by experts. Information such as expert voting scores and the addresses they voted from are nearly immutable, ensuring reliable information.
  • Accessibility and Fairness
    The blockchain-based evaluation system established by IBTC consists of evaluations by experts and public evaluations, with equal authority given to all participants in public evaluations. The advantage is that as more participants join, it converges towards a more accurate consensus.
  • Liquidity of Technological Assets
    Technological assets are often difficult to liquidate. IBTC's platform allows for the evaluation of technology and its conversion into value within just 15 days from the start of a business that would otherwise require substantial investment in manpower resources. This enables the rapid liquidity of technological assets.
  • Distributed Network
    IBTC's network is initially composed of two or more nodes. This allows it to operate among multiple participants without a central server, avoiding a single point of failure and enhancing system stability.
  • Clarity of Evaluation
    Criteria When evaluation criteria are unclear or difficult to interpret, obtaining consistent evaluations can be challenging. IBTC's evaluation criteria are clearly defined, consisting of public evaluations, expert qualitative, and quantitative evaluations, freeing it from ambiguity in the criteria and potential misunderstandings.
Key Features
Check out the crucial features of IBTC that can change the world.
Tech Value Assessment
Collective intelligence fairly and transparently evaluates the value of blockchain-related technologies.
Tech Value Trading
We provide a platform that allows everyone to invest based on the evaluation results of blockchain-related technologies.
Investment attraction
Attracting companies through startup investments and facilitating listings on the technology exchange.
Raising funds
We support investment linkage and provide investment opportunities on the exchange.
Workforce Development
We support talent development and attraction through industry-academia research collaborations.
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